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Meet the WORLD Team

WORLD Policy Analysis Center Team 

Dr. Jody Heymann
Dean, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health 


Tina Assi
Project Manager
Tel: 310 825 7322
tassi (at)

Tina Assi is currently the manager for the WORLD Policy Analysis Center at UCLA. Formerly, she joined the Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and Project Manager for the Healthier Societies Initiative (HSI). Tina received her BS in Psychology from McGill University. She then pursued a Master’s in Public Health in Cardiovascular Epidemiology, and continued on to obtain a PhD in infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her doctoral studies she worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Vaccine Modelling Initiative (VMI). Her research focused on the computational modelling of vaccine supply chain logistics in middle and low income countries of Southeast Asia and West Africa to strengthen immunization programs. Tina's post-doctoral research focused on developing a model of social, public health and medical care approaches to the prevention and control of the top contributors to morbidity and mortality in OECD countries as part of the HSI. International health policy, health care delivery, modelling and simulation, and management are some of Tina’s academic and professional interests.


Megan Arthur
Policy Analyst - National and international conference and outreach coordinator
Tel: 310 825 7117
marthur (at)

Megan Arthur has a BA in Health Studies from McMaster University and an MSc in Global Health and Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh.  Before joining the WORLD Policy Analysis Center team in January 2013 Megan held previous roles as a research assistant within the Centre for International Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh and program manager for McGill University's Global Health Programs.  She has been involved in the development of global health-related international partnerships for research and capacity-building around the world, most recently in support of medical education in Haiti.  Megan's many research interests include among others global health governance and financing, the health of Indigenous and marginalized populations, and the role of social policy in health and development.


Nicolas de Guzman Chorny
Senior Policy Analyst - Web, social media and vision development coordinator
Tel: 310 825 7116
ndeguzman (at)

Nicolas De Guzman Chorny received his BA in Political Science and Liberal Arts from Concordia University, and his MA in Political Science from McGill University. Prior to joining the WORLD Policy Analysis Center, he worked for the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University researching and analyzing public policies for all UN member states. He also worked for Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, designing and implementing public policies to improve the conditions of Colombian migrants around the world, and for Bogota’s Energy Company, overseeing sustainable development projects in rural communities as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. 


Isabel Latz
Policy Analyst - Research projects coordinator
Tel: 310 825 7102
ilatz (at)

Isabel Latz is a public health researcher with interest and expertise in large scale cohort studies, social determinants of health, health inequalities and mixed-method epidemiology.  In 2009 she received an MPhil Health Sciences Research Master upon completion of a BSc in Health Sciences from Maastricht University. Isabel then worked for the NSW 45 and Up Study at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, at the Australian National University. She subsequently provided research assistance as a quantitative and qualitative data analyst to the NSW Child Health and Development Study at the University of New South Wales. Isabel joined the WORLD Policy Analysis Center in June 2012 to contribute to research development, data management and global dissemination of findings. 


Natalia Milovantseva
Postdoctoral Fellow
310 825 9962
nmilovan (at)

With expertise in applied quantitative methods, population and global health Natalia is committed to conducting high-quality research that would help solve problems of health disparities and advance healthy living, both locally and globally. At the WORLD Policy Analysis Center at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health she is primarily focused on a global comparative analysis of constitutional right-to-health guarantees and health policies that make a difference. Natalia received her Doctoral degree from the University of California, Irvine, and she also holds degrees in economics (BS), international studies (BA) and demography (MA). She joined the Center after completing a Fulbright fellowship in the European Union.

Amy Raub
Senior Policy Analyst - Content coordinator for all outreach mechanisms
araub (at)

Amy Raub received her BA in Economics from Rice University and her MS in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin.  She currently is responsible for the translation of the center’s policy research to findings for policymakers, citizens, civil society, and researchers.  Before joining the WORLD Policy Analysis Center,  Amy worked at the Institute for Health and Social Policy coordinating the development of databases on public policies for all UN member states.  She has a background in statistical analysis for economic consulting including the examination of disparities based on race, gender, and age in a variety of topics, including mortgage lending, police stops, and employment issues. 





Parama Sigurdsen
Policy Analyst - Student programs coordinator
Tel: 310 825 7126
psigurdsen (at)

Parama Sigurdsen completed her BSS and MSS in Anthropology from University of Dhaka. Before joining the WORLD Policy Analysis Center at UCLA she worked at McGill University, Canada researching child labor policies around the world and how social protections, or lack thereof, effect the life chances of children surviving through economic and socio-political upheaval.  Parama also worked at the Disaster Preparedness Unit of UNICEF Bangladesh, as well as on healthcare seeking behavior among the urban slum populations at ICDDR,B. 



Elise Vaughan Winfrey
Policy Analyst
Tel: 310 825 5666
ewinfrey (at)

Elise Vaughan Winfrey is a public policy researcher interested in policy issues with implications for sustainability and quality of life, including the intersection of energy, environmental, and urban planning; alternative measures of wellbeing; family and labor policy; and reproductive health policy. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Economics from the University of San Diego, she focused on conflict prevention and foreign policy for crisis areas around the world at the Center for Preventive Action (CPA) at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), first as a Research Associate and later as Assistant Director. She received her Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University, where she focused on international energy, environmental, and social policy issues and quantitative analysis. Elise has also worked with the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), Trans-Border Institute (TBI), and United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).